This summer wedding trends are fun, romantic and leaving lasting impressions on guests. Wedding fashions change over the years, this season, is all about composure. Whether you are mixing old and new, white with color, or classy with fun, be sure to keep everything balanced.
Here are 5 Details Your Summer Wedding Shouldn’t Be Without:
Sweet Carts- Most people love wedding cake. It is big, beautifully decorated, and it tastes delicious…but this year, opt for a down-sized classic cake complimented by sweet carts. Hired waiters can serve guests delectable individual servings of classic desserts: mousse, crème Brule, tiramisu, petite cakes, tarts, and cake pops. Guests can socialize while they enjoy various samples from the passing carts. Once the wedding cake is served, portions can be dramatically lessened, saving on both cake cost and wasted left-overs.
Savory Favors- Even when the ceremony is over guests can still enjoy your wedding favors. Instead of offering guests a handful of Jordan almonds or a tea-light candle with your monogram, leave them savory treats to satisfy their sweet tooth. Caramel apples, chocolate truffles, dipped strawberries or delicate cookies make for memorable favors. Guests may enjoy them as they travel from your ceremony, one final detail that they will make a wedding memorable.
Vintage- Anything old is reemerging as popular, this wedding season. Vintage props decorating guest books, antique vases, and antique lace are popular ways to accent a reception area. It is best to keep the “old” paired with the “new.” A rustic setting with fresh flowers, fun colors and a balance of rural and chic creates a romantic atmosphere.
Fun Photography- This summer stray from the obvious when it comes to wedding photography. Poses have all been done before and stiff portraits are not memorable. Seek out a creative photographer that is professional and wants to get the best representation of your style and personality.
Hand Drawn Thank You Notes- As guests step out of a rented photo booth, they may hand their pictures off to a hired artist to sketch a simple copy of the couple along with their names. Each card drawing will take less than a minute. Guests get their photo booth picture back, and within a month or two they will receive a personalized thank you card with a sketch of them enjoying the wedding on the front.

Creative Photographer